Sunday, August 29, 2010

Humble-pie & chips, please!

Two days of cycling at the Gold Coast and I must retract and eat some 'humble-pie' re GC cycling infrastructure (still wedded to 'folly concept' of total area though!!)

Through hiring a bike I reached the conclusion that GC cycle lanes were considerably more than just stencils! Moreover I was particularly impressed with designated left-hand lanes that guided us around roundabouts (see above pics) and that not only did GC motorists automatically check on their left for us (impressive), they noted our signals and gave us the room to manoeuvre accordingly.

...but wait there's more, lack of helmet-compliance was significantly apparent everywhere!!! - heartening stuff for a conscientious objector! - I'm won over!

...and all through the magical liberating properties of a bicycle - released from suffocation of cars & consumerism!!!! - free to enjoy the environs!!!

Congrats all round for the evident 'in-roads' into GC cycling - I'm glad I got the chance to peel back the layers of the seemingly car-dependent suburbia & to see the potentially vibrant cycling culture already bursting out of the bottle like a genie no longer prepared to wait!!

I'm glad I got the chance to eat 'humble-pie'!!!

- thank you, Ride2Wk & Paul from Get On Your Bike & everyone else who clearly have been effective and instrumental in a liberating pardigm for the Gold Coast!...funtimes!!!!

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