Friday, October 14, 2011

Bicycle Poster Drinkie-Poos

Tonight's Agenda:

♥ quick little Proseco at Wine Library

♥ coast whole way down Oxford Street

♥ across Taylor Square & over fountain sprays, hoping they won't turn on

♥ straight through lights, bending left

♥ continue coast down Bourke Street

♥ mad little left at Fitzroy Street

♥ leisurely Sauvignon Blanc at Somedays Gallery

♥ soak up elegance of Bicycle Film Festival & romantic bicycle art installation...

♥ well as continued cosy karma from finding phone left by me on back of 'mon velo' in Oxford Street during quick little Proseco moment!!!!



  1. Nice pics.

    I love the Royal Fabric ones with the pipe-smoking cyclist!

  2. Thanks!!! & I couldn't agree with you more; so refreshing!!!