Sunday, October 27, 2013

Life is all beer & skittles in Southwell

Men at Bramley Apple Festival going into battle backwards ...

... for an all-out stick fight

... until a few of them chuck out surrender hankies

Now if these guys carried on like this in Australia, OH&S would have a field day and probably be tempted to issue immediate helmet orders...

... and maybe hi-vis vests too given it could be argued these men would be hard to see on your typical over-exposed Australian sort of a day.


  1. Hi, how are you?
    Queensland recently brought in a helmet exemption for religious groups. (much to the chagrin of both racists and helment advocates)
    So I have decided to ride to work without a helmet as part of my new religion, detailed below:

    So far I have not received any tickets!

    - Matt Pye

    1. Ha! Ha! Ha! - have you the 'exemption chat' with any of your local bobbies yet?!


  2. Matt Pye, I'd like to start up a sect of that faith that mandates béret wearing (except when it is very hot, of course). And no garment between the béret and the goddess of bohemia.