Friday, October 25, 2013

Dear NSW subject - thanks but no thanks

(Photos: helmet-free Oxford where folk live unemcumbered by helmet laws)

Until today when I received an email from Barry O'Farrell's department, I had completely forgotten that I'd written to him sometime ago requesting a meeting!

"I refer to your request for a meeting with the Premier.
On this occasion the Premier is unable to accept your invitation.
Thank you for writing to the Premier"


So that started me musing on which occasion he would have been able to accept my invitation?

Perhaps if I'd been able to talk:

$$$ electricity?
$$$ roads?
$$$ mega-motorways?
$$$ tunnels?

Anyhoo notwithstanding any of that, it's fairly apparent I can't seem to pique his interest with matters bicycle at all ... he's just not grabbed by the fact that not only is NSW's 'not-fit-for-purpose' bicycle helmet law a global joke, it has also cost New South Wales dearly ... and will continue to do so until the wretched regulation is revoked.

So why won't he meet with me?

He's my premier as much as anybody else's.

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  1. The premier is too busy carving up public assetts and flogging it off to his corporate mates at bargain basement prices.