Friday, September 13, 2013

The Charge of the Lycra Brigade

(Images: screen capture, Tony (no-relation-to-me) Abbott)

$$$ Bicycle helmet laws

$$$ Cycling body armour

$$$ Hi-vis vests, and

$$$ SAI Global and their Standards ...

... contribute to the pervasive militarisation of our whole culture ...

And looking at the tenders that SAI GLobal secures, it would be hard not to notice how significantly they feature in government procurement for the Defence department...

Actually you really have to start wondering whether there's an 'industry pie' anywhere in Australia that doesn't contain SAI Global's fingers ...

Notwithstanding jokes & asides, we're assiduously being groomed for war by ever-vigilant oil companies, and bicycle helmets play a part in the soft 'push' for world oil-transport dominion.


  1. This is terrifying. Especially that nutty doctor from Calgary. Anyone with a non-conforming body, or simply poor, will be unable to cycle and keep fit, or simply get around.

    Calgary is a huge player in dirty tar sands oil.

    I've always found that kind of "kit" very militaristic. Or weird superhero fantasy stuff.

    1. So much in our lives is now militaristic - we are constantly being 'politically' and 'legislatively'' prepared for war ... it sucks

  2. Hi Sue,
    SAI Global do not feature in defence procurement you have misinterpreted the documents. The figures you cite are the subscription costs to SAI global for access to standards via the defence library site. Just like Universities, industry etc have subscriptions to the same firm.

    Any link between this, the 'militarisation' of our culture (which has become less miltarised since federation, by the way) and helmets seems more than spurious...