Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sydney Airport last night; Sydney Law-Court today

In between jotting down points for today's (eeeek) defended hearing, I trundled BN2 off to the airport last night in our beautiful Christiania!!!

Now tell me this ... what other vehicle can go from door ...

... to door?!!!

Aaaah & what a beautiful journey we shared ...
BN2 chortled with delight as she snapped 'bye-bye to Zanzibar' ...

... & Wilson Street, & King Street ...

... & Airport Drive

... until we finally got inside T1 (Terminal 1) and made our way to check in.

Quick cuppa with BN2, oodles of hugs and then it was time to 'hit the road, jack' for yours truly to get back to 'self-defence' and bundles of documents and cups and cups of strong black coffee all jumbled up with a whole pile of butterflies ...

... only a matter of hours before I'm standing in front of a magistrate.

Oop-la, here we go again!



  1. All the best in Court today Sue. Looking forward to hearing the result.

  2. I really admire your efforts to promote common sense - the current law discouraging cycling affects the safety of all cyclists in Australia and creates or exacerbates health problems for many others who have been discouraged from healthy, environmentally-friendly exercise/transport.

  3. Just out of curiousity, how long does it take to go from Newtown to the airport? Well done on finding a route! I read with horror and amazement about Urban Country's rides to Toronto's airport in Canada...I know that airport well, and cannot imagine how he managed to find a way through the freeway network to get to the terminal in human-powered transport.
    Your fortitude and determination is a constant source of inspiration to us all!