Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Airport definitely part of Sydney's Great Stagnation

(Photos: Christiania Cargo Bike, psbikes)

What a saga it is getting to the airport if you're not on a bicycle!!!!

...nothing adds up...

St George taxi:
- Newtown to Mascot = $39
- Getting-in-taxi-tax = $3.50
- Arriving-at-airport-tax = $3.50
TOTAL = $46

Silver Service taxi:
- Mascot to Newtown = $23
- Getting-in-taxi-tax = $3.50
- Leaving-airport-tax = $3.50
TOTAL = $30

How can there be a $16 discrepancy for the very same journey just in reverse?

- I need my own Christiania - then I'd be able to cart family & luggage to the airport willy nilly without arbitrary taxi fares or alternatively prohibitive train fares...

...hmmmn what to choose


  1. I have to say that the wearing of helmets totally destroyed the ambiance of riding a Christiana and what it stands for.

    1. peng! I certainly won't wear one when I get my Christiania!!

  2. I ride a Bullitt cargobike around Sydney CBD for shopping and commuting, much of the time with no helmet.
    The ride along the foreshore from Anzac bridge to Harbour bridge on a Sunday morning with no helmet is wonderful.....

    1. Sounds lovely!!! - a Bullitt cargobike looks a little trickier than a Christiania - respect!!