Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Great Stagnation

Having technically missed August, 'here we are in sunset and Camden' only to be greeted by a pile of political correspondence (and notification of date with Sheriff sometime soon!!!)

The basic gist of the 'pollie pile' is:

"There is a limit to how many times we can write definitive responses to you" (sigh they're our public servants and as such must keep us informed whenever we need answers - why don't they get this?)

"If you require any further information, please call anybody else's office but ours" (...& then they'll put me through to you)

"The Victims Compensation Levy is not a punishment imposed by the courts but one imposed by legislation" (why thank you for that)

"The Attorney General is unable to be of further assistance" (he was at some stage? - I missed it!)

All in all, the ususal predictable policy-making crap ignoring scientific evidence in favour of political expediency and stagnation.

Surely after 20 years of mandatory helmet laws, the shallowness in bicycle helmet safety claims is not only patently obvious but also patently in need of re-calibrating?

Surely after 20 years, we can finally agree that bicycle helmet laws have been a 20 year national cock-up, notwithstanding helmet promoters bleats to the contrary.

Yet rather than act on information as it comes to light from quarters other than those who have the 'government ear', the NSW government is determined to continue with bicycle helmet law allowing political expediency to triumph over judgment and common sense. Their fatuous devotion to the commercial end of town has simply revealed a weakness for schemes whose chief attraction is saving money, simultaneously culturing the conditions of stagnation.

Sadly no NSW transport development of the past 20 years has bestowed any benefits comparable to those delivered by trams and omnibuses 100 years ago - and worse still it is becoming more and more apparent that we are in the midst of a great stagnation, a great congestion, a great obfuscation...that can only deliver zero benefits...

failed tourism ecomony
failed tourism state
failed tourism nation



  1. Sue, this is all the more reason that we have to continue plugging away to remind the pollies that helmet law has to be done away with because it is just utter crap!

  2. why would they get rid of helmet laws if they don't even like bikes?