Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Sheriff is closing in on me

Where to turn? I feel trapped!

The Sheriff has dropped by my place again, but there was no me!

No matter, he left his calling card with instructions for me to ring him, presumably to arrange a time when he can come and tag my goods for removal & eventually sale at a future sheriff's auction.

How is any of this just?

I followed all the protocols that apply to a voting member of a representative democracy caught up in a process for seeking a redress to a grievance.

At the first available opportunity after my court case last July 2011, I petitioned the Attorney General for an exemption to the Victims Compensation Levy (VCL) received in the post. His staff & department joined in the communication and this continued right through to November 2011 when I received his final letter stipulating that enough was enough. He was clearly fed up with me and my quest to exact my rights and responsibilities as a voting member of a NSW electorate. He made it very plain in his letter that whilst he had the power to grant me an exemption for reasons that he might see fit, he was not going to because he did not (see fit).

Simple as that...

...he's just a great big meanie, especially when you consider that by August 2011 (only one month after I'd received the VCL) the provision that had caused me all the grief in the first place had been repealed due to gross unfairness!

How did he not see fit to grant me an exemption?

I've been punished for exercising my rights , and subsequently hung out to dry...

...stay tuned for the next installment - sigh

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