Monday, March 5, 2012

Big Corpa - our world unfolding

(Photos: Greenpeace Australia)

Read this and weep - our beautiful Barrier Reef.

How come unelected corporations are allowed to run (or rather ruin) our lives and homes in their unmitigated quest for supreme wealth and profits?

Who said they could?

We don't vote for Big Corpa but they dictate our actions as though they had a mandate.

$$$ Big Corpa - powerful

$$$ Big Corpa - omnipotent

$$$ Big Corpa - capable of morphing itself into self-identified community needs

$$$ Big Corpa - permanent recipient of politcal permission to create itself massive ready 'cash-cow' markets

$$$ Big Corpa - choker of the very lifeblood of diversity & sustainablitiy as it trashes its way through the trillions of dollars left to be mined or drilled

They're everywhere and one company can have such a big reach...

...& for example's sake, take this Big Corpa - is there any pie these guys don't have their fingers in?

Not content with dictating the 'what', 'where' and 'how' of bicycle helmets, they dabble in spot of mine protection here, and a spot of lobster protection there, and they're all over the legislation and commentary department, as well as the Australian International Design Awards of which their nom de plume 'Standards Australia' is the principal sponsor.

...and after to listening to Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini being rubbished on Late Night Live by Dr Paul Brent the chief scientist from Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) with regards to 'Genetically Modified Organisms', it was with alarm I recalled that to get 'your copy' of Australian food standards, we have to go to the 'go-to people' - yes you've got it - none other than the Big Corpa who make us pay for bicycle helmet standards - SAI Global (and you'll find their Customer Service Centre in 'Sussex Street', a combination of words I am irrationally opposed to.)

There's a mighty lot of 'washing' being done - but it's mostly 'green' or a whole bunch of 'spin' - very little is getting clean.

Time to reclaim the 'laundry', guys, and get rid of the pests - save the Barrier Reef today

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