Monday, March 26, 2012

NSW government-sanctioned pillage

(Sans licence, sans rego, & soon to be sans car)

As a result of not wearing a bicycle helmet and not paying the arbitrary Victims' Compensation Levy, which then transpired into a loss of licence & a property seizure order, I am now unable to re-register my white subaru which is up for renewal.

Yep...the old Roads & Traffic Authority, aptly renamed Roads & Maritime Services in light of rising sea levels, has blocked me from partaking in this customary annual process.

Oh for heaven's sake - it's all so exhausting!!!

Why couldn't the Hon. Greg Smith grant me an exemption in the first place when he knew the VCL was to be repealed due to its meanness?

Looks like there'll be definitely no more 'barrelling down the Frog in me old Leamington' anymore!!!


  1. You are a victim of the Fascist right wing. Can you report the Government to the International Court of Human Rights or Amnesty International. This needs to be publicised Internationally to make a show of the Australian Government.They denied you your Human Rights. You have nothing to lose now,you already have been robbed by your Government. There should be a Campaign for Tourists to avoid Australia. Do not come to Australia on your Holidays or you could be fined on some pretext or other,The Australian Government wants to rob People,best avoided.

  2. Sue, I think there may be much in what homme au velo writes above. You might indeed consider bringing a case before the ICHR on the grounds that you are being persecuted for refusing to wear a foolish and unnecessary item of headgear, which might be normal in a despotic state like Saudi Arabia but which sits oddly with the loudly proclaimed liberal-democratic values of Australia.

    As a youngish country rather conscious of its image abroad, it seems to me that your fellow countrymen might be very sensitive indeed to being made to look foolish, petty and old-maidishly obsessed with their own safety. Ridicule often turns out to be a surprisingly effective weapon, so perhaps its time to make Oz an international laughing stock. I can already envisage a series of Australian cultural icons such as Ned Kelly and Sir Donald Bradman revised to wear cycle helmets. Let's give it some thought.

  3. Just think, if you had been drink-driving in your car you would have only had your licence suspended for 3 months!

    Who says that there is no conspiracy against cyclists or that Australia isn't blind to the bull in the china shop?

  4. yep, drink driving would have been far simpler, more dangerous but far simpler. I did not think things like this would become an all encompassing road block.

  5. I think a bit of ANARCHY in Oz is long overdue, and god save the fascist regime.