Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Australia has lost its 'commons'

(Gronnigen, The Netherlands, October 2010)

How did we (in Australia) get to where we are today?

What were we thinking when we allowed our 'community protectors' to behave like commandos?

Why do they have to?

Nowhere is safe from these trigger-happy-taser-touting rambos; definitely not our streets (& sadly neither our homes).

Tasers must be banned


  1. The police and the govt has assure us that tasers are safe but all the evidence shows that it is not. At the very least, the deployment of tasers and its use by the police must be suspendered until a wide ranging inquiry is held to show that that no death will result from the use of tasers by the police or sercurity services.

  2. It's sickening and it has to change.

    The deployment of this hideous law-enforcement tool was an error right from the start - even then the global evidence for its 'safe' usage was appalling.

    This is just yet another commercial defence materiel procurement that serves only the big weapons & arms manufacturers' interests.