Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Knight in shining armour

I had one today!!!

Cycling near the Redfern end of Wilson Street this arvo, a total taxi tosser almost wiped me out on the hairpin bend where Little Everleigh Street merges. Instantly uber loud & indignant protests emanated from the cyclist behind me and were hurled at the taxi driver in defence of me - unbelievable!

When we (us two cyclists) finally came to a stand-still together at the Redfern traffic lights, I asked him, in my amazement & just to double check, if he'd truly been yelling on my behalf...

'Yes' he confirmed!

Aaaaah how special I felt! - someone had impulsively stood up for me ; someone had involuntarily put his neck on the line for me; someone had instantaneously made my day!!

He was a true Aussie knight in shining helmet-armour, and he made no reference to me being without - RESPECT!


  1. This is what it should be all about - choice and mutual respect for that choice and a shared disdain for the REAL danger...! Excellent story, Sue!

  2. Great story. Was the masked stranger riding that awesome Grolsch Vanmoof?

  3. I totally agree with Paul Martin, it's the way it should be... Regardless of bike type, head-wear or clothing we should all be friends.
    Great to read Sue :)
    Regards, Jason (formerly of Tassie-land)

  4. Thanks, Paul, Edward & Jason!

    ...& no, Edward, that 'awesome Grolsch Vanmoof' resides in the Rose Hotel, Surry Hills and as far as I'm aware, has appeared to be unadorned with knights in shining armour - super spot to 'down a beer' or two though!