Thursday, December 29, 2011

Now it's Baby No. 4's turn for Aussie hatwear pantomime

"Where's your helmet young lady?" demanded nattily dressed 'Occupy Pyrmont' bike police last week.

Groan...& sigh...

...are they really still there? - isn't there another bridge / park / road / suburb they could set up camp on or in?

What is the fascination the police have with this picturesque bridge?

Couldn't they be moved on? - this permanent posting on Pyrmont is such a waste of my good taxes!!!


  1. Oh no, groans all round. Sometimes you just want to put your head in the oven. Is she going to court? You could send a copy of the infringement notice to Bob Brown to see what he thinks, and maybe cc it to someone like Elizabeth Farelly at the SMH.
    Happy helmetless new year.

  2. Maybe we could organise some kind of intervention on the bridge in question...a group of citizens could surround the police in question to block their view...or those riders who wished to pass could agree on a set time to pass all together, sort of a bum's rush of offenders...

  3. Only if you have gas, Alan! ;)

    BTW: Will be riding on the evening of 2 January in Melbourne with @nikdow @bicycleadagio & @amsterdamized - if you're free you should come!

  4. Just use pepper spray on this 'occupy' movement. I've heard it works a treat... ;)

  5. hmmmn! some food for thought!!!!

    ...& would have loved to have made the ride with Marc et al but right now logistically impossible!!!!