Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tweed Run 'down-under' style!

(Photos: London Tweed Run 2010, IansVisits, Flickr)

I mentioned that I would be in Sydney for "it", and forthwith was promptly reminded by little memo that ALL participants would be required to obey ALL Road Rules, including those pertaining to helmets...sigh!

Gazing at the photo and reading the SMH copy of "Tweed de Tour" I really thought that the organisers of the Sydney Tweed Run had acquired a 'special events' exemption - silly me!!!!! - ever the eternal optimist!!! - how could I have forgotten the 'perennial' conundrum presented by 'spin' v 'fact' and which one actually 'sells' stuff?!

Notwithstanding personal confusion and disappointment, I fervently wish ALL concerned ALL the jolly best on Sunday 27th June 2010, coupled with plenty of 'tweedy chaps & gals'

- funtimes "Down Under"!!


  1. Interesting that there is not a helmet in sight in the photo in the SMH article... I wonder why... :-/

    Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia