Monday, June 21, 2010

Sharing the road

When I'm sharing the road with everybody out there, I like to think that the fact that 'one little clip' of their motorised vehicle could completely obliterate me makes motorists extra carefull when they pass me...

...because we 'all-kinda,' 'all-sorta' know that the little enforced polystyrene cap was never designed to protect me from 'one little clip' from any type of motorised vehicle!


  1. Sue, you've hit my primary concerns about bike helmets right on the head there. If people want to wear them, fine, that's their choice, but it should be just that; a choice, and an informed one at that. I hate the 'wearing a helmet will save your life' argument. People don't generally fall off their bikes, they get hit by cars, in which case a helmet really isn't going to help much. Sure, there's a risk in riding without a helmet, but there's a risk in swimming in the sea, taking a shower, kite-flying (all higher risk than cycling in traffic) but we don't FORCE people to wear helmets to do those things. It's time for a change, and I'm following your campaign progress very closely. Go Sue!

  2. Thanks, Mark, I love getting your comments as they're always so inspiring!

    Heaven knows I need a little inspiration - I feel like I'm bashing my head against a brick wall here - no-one listens, and if some 'random' secretary does, you're shunted off to another government department 'poste haste'!! grrrrrr! & sigh! ('down-in-the-doldrums' moment - will get over it but seriously will this law ever change? - in effect, it's kept women off the roads - it's very sexist!)

  3. Keep up the brave face Sue, I know the whole process must be thought, time and money consuming. Do you know of other people in Oz who are also going through the same process? I'm sure there is effect in numbers and will make you seem less of a lone voice (even though we all know there are many people around the world who are right behind you)

    My advice with dealing with the Minister would be to call his (I'm guessing it's a guy, right?) every single morning at the same time. If you imagine your case it's probably in a big pile, but every time you call it goes back to the top of the pile. Be polite but every day say "it's been 26 days and I've not heard anyting...." then the next day "it's been 27 days and I've not heard anything..." and so on and on... eventually they'll feel so god damn guilty they'll HAVE to do something!

    Keep at it!

  4. Thanks, Mark, sounds like a plan!!! - and a great one - and one I can definitely implement - starting from tomorrow

    (...guess what, we're in the throes of a leadership spill here at the moment! - when I wake up in the morning Australia might have a new Prime Minister!!! Shame though if that ends up being the case! - I like the one we've got right now at this minute - so much better than the last one)

  5. Hi Sue, it made the breakfast headlines over here - seems the Golden Wonder took over from K-Rudd over night. Seems a shame to me, I rather liked him, doesn't seem he had a fair crack at power after however many decades of your previous dick of a PM! Still, nice to see Oz getting a 1st female PM I guess.

    Good luck with those phone calls!

  6. Mark! I am speechless with rage!!!! a political coup without the blood - she has figurative blood on her hands and has consigned labour to the wilderness years - such a waste of 2 good politicians! i hate the factional labour bosses!