Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ahh! diddums! Traditional Territory of Motorists To Be Diminished

I was out of the country for Alan Jones' troglodyte interview discussing Sydney's cycleways with our estimable Lord Mayor Clover Moore, but by all accounts it was a bigoted narcissistic tirade that degenerated into a bullying rant!

Apoplectically hissing at Clover that she was the 'architect of destruction', the old radio fossil frothed on about the importance of traditional motoring territory, the very nature of which was being undermined by cycling saboteurs before our very eyes...blah! blah! blah!...till at last he harumphed to a finale with an astonishing 'parthian shot' - threat of "Class Action"!!

It is clearly irresponsible to ignore Sydney's congestion dilemma, and we can only thank the gods (or whoever we like to thank) that it's actually 'Lord Mayor Clover' rather than 'Lord Mayor Alan' in charge of our urban affairs.

Moreover, it is the height of bad manners to invite someone into your 'tent' under the pretext of a discussion only to bully, harangue and silence them.

The old adage, "Manners maketh man", attributed to the 14th century Bishop of Winchester, still apply - and boy! were they missing on Wednesday 26 May 2010!!!!

Shame on you 2GB for your uninformed and ignorant programme - what a waste of a broadcast.


  1. WOW, and I thought all the ignorant gobshite talk radio hosts were living here in Toronto! Keep up the good work Clover.

  2. Sadly we have our fair share of them!!!!!

    Our poor mayor is beleaguered by their caveman mentality - it is an uphill battle for her and her team in their valiant efforts to improve the abysmal traffic conditions in Sydney - definitely GO, CLOVER!!!