Friday, June 25, 2010

Cheap Labour Plonk

Ruthless, bloodless & gone...& just because he wouldn't dance to the factional power brokers tune, you know the one that goes "Shelve The ETS & Take A Hard Line On Asylum Seekers & Back Off The Mining Tax Tiddley Pom"!

...and before anyone starts giving me a 'Representative Democracy' lesson...jeez...I understand that we don't have a 'Presidential System' where we elect the actual boss, but I do know that in order to get us to vote their way, all party promoters do their very utmost to tempt us with someone winnable.

...and so back in November 2007 we were promised political "french champagne" with an entirely electable chap, yet now, only two and a half years later and still with that same 'entirely electable' chap, they've pulled a swifty and switched us to "cheap labour plonk" - OH! SO NOT HAPPY, BROKERS & PUPPETS!

This was a carefully plotted political coup, and we, the voters, have been exposed as powerless and irrelevant. The 'assassins of Sussex Street' ('Why Mr Abbott, I do believe I agree with you on this one!') have executed our man in Canberra, and robbed us of our chance to either:

(1) vote him back in at the next General Election
(2) toss him out at the next General Election

What a waste of 2 very good politicians!

Shame on you, 'Ambition'! & Shame on you, 'Sussex Street'! & Shame on you, 'ABC'! (who clearly knew something was up when they scheduled woefully dull & ancient repeat of the Julia Gillard Australian Story last Monday night)


  1. Regardless of your political view, I think it was a disgusting way for the Labor cronies to treat Rudd. As you say: Those that liked him are angry he didn't finish his term; Those that hated him are angry that they can't show this at the ballot box.

    My guess is that Labor is in for a defeat in November and that it will be worse than it otherwise would have been had Rudd remained - voters will hopefully give these clowns (Gillard, Swan, Shorten, etc) what they deserve... Perhaps there might even be a sympathetic swing to Rudd in his own electorate?

    This will be an interesting election whatever happens!

    Dr Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia

  2. Paul, I completely agree with you - shameful treatment, and outrageous interference!