Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pick a criminal, any criminal: Empire-Building Foreign Policy/Mega-Corporations/Unhelmeted Cyclists

After finishing "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" last week (see chilling little youtube synopsis) I wonder yet again how my government can be bothered to criminalise cyclists who exercise their right to choose whether to wear a helmet or not...

...moreover, daily reading of The Oil Drum makes me weep...

...we have so much to answer for - how do we sleep at night?


  1. Sorry for introducing you to The Oil Drum, Sue! ;)

    I think it is sobering reading indeed from minds who understand the energy industry and where we are truly heading...

    Other sites I enjoy, of which you may already be aware, include:
    www.kunstler.com/blog/ - his blog is particularly good. JHK wrote an excellent book called 'The Long Emergency' - highly recommended if you can find a copy.
    www.monbiot.com - George Monbiot's blog from the UK.

    James Howard Kunstler rides a bike everywhere and I'm sure would think our MHLs are a very bad idea if asked.

    I'm still not wearing a helmet, although I put one on when passing the constant police blockade on the main bike path into Brisbane - they'll be there until construction is complete to 'protect pedestrians and workers' from dangerous cyclists... by insisting I have a helmet. They don't enforce the posted speed limits in the construction area though... grrrr....


    Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia

  2. No worries - I'm glad you did - essential reading!!

    Thanks for other links too; i shall check them out (currently follow George Monbiot in the Guardian Weekly, and read his book HEAT a couple of years ago - very alarming)

    Sorry to hear about the 'brick wall' you encountered with your helmet matter - unblelievable!!!

  3. A few months ago an aquaintance fell on his bike and landed in a coma. Everyone who told us about it made sure I heard he WAS wearing a helmet. Then I had this conversation with a friend:

    Friend: Why don't you wear a helmet?
    Me: I'm not convinced they really make any difference, and I want people to see cycling is safe.
    Friend: But what about XXXX? He's in a coma now. So you should wear a helmet.
    Me: Er... he was wearing a helmet.
    Friend: Yes, but look how much worse it could have been if he wasn't.
    Me: Er...

    This from a very smart engineering student. Big Hemet have really done well.

  4. Andy in Germany: your story defies belief! Our ridiculous blind faith in this protective concept (after all it's not much else) is ridiculous!!