Sunday, June 27, 2010

Newtown 'Carpet' Run!

(Photos: David Abbott)

Given that this particular participant just couldn't bear the idea of donning a bicycle helmet, the Sydney Tweed Run was always going to be out of bounds (ALL participants must obey ALL Road Rules).

Moreover her non-participating reality was further compounded by the fact that she didn't have any Harris tweed anyway only carpet!!

Undeterred by this somewhat significant wardrobe omission for a tweedy bicycle ride, the 'would-be-if-she-could-have-been' participant creatively embarked upon an upholstered jaunt along her favourite street!!!

"Oh, to be in King Street
Now that June is there"

(apologies to Bobby Browning)


  1. Good for you!Never thought the whole tweed thing was a very good idea for Australia anyway. All that hot sweaty wool. How about a kitschy antipodean version; dizzabone, blunnies,moleskins ?~ian,Melb

  2. It was 7 degrees min in Sydney today so tweed was perfect at yesterday's ride:) There were plenty of helmet abstainers at the ride (they just didn't sign the start form;) and one lady made a hat cover for her helmet.

    Pity this participant missed it - she looks glorious!

  3. ha! ha!, slow rpm, I love your kitschy suggestions!!!

    ...& Anonymous, shame! I'm so disappointed I didn't turn up - I obviously misinterpreted the organiser's message about "all participants obeying all rules", and as you would be aware, I just don't do helmets!!!

    Glad it was fun!!

  4. Get off the road Granny

  5. Any particular road, Anonymous, or just yours?