Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ignoring UN embargoes or bicycle helmets - which one leads to criminal charges?

How is it that I couldn't escape criminal charges over my unhelmeted behaviour but six former AWB chiefs could over kickbacks? What have we come to when UN embargoes count for nothing but ride a bicycle without a helmet and you'll be criminally convicted?


It is not rocket science that helmet manufacturers act purely on self-interest coupled with the interests of their shareholders - in fact we all know that is actually their fiduciary duty. The real question that begs to be asked is why did our government not see through the glaringly obvious commercial paradigm?

By assaulting our mental consciousness, helmet promotion and helmet laws have marketed cycling headwear alongside obesity and catastrophic climate change. This is turn has contributed to a toxic sedentary, car-congested environment that has significantly damaged the health of Australians.

I want my freedom of choice back!

Oh dear!...a sad little "PS" from the UK - looks like they're on a course for serious regression with the appointment of their new 'petrol-head' transport minister!


  1. You wouldn't think the UK has much regressing to do. Their 'war on motorists' seems to have invilved doing everything they can to make driving easier at the expense of everyone else. Come to think of it, can we have a 'war on cycling' on the same basis?

    On the other hand, laws of physics would seem to dictate that cars won't be around much longer in any form, so I'm waiting to see what happens when that hits the fan.

    And by the way, when we hit the end of cheap hydrocarbons, it'll kill Big Helmet too, after all they're only reconstituted hydrocarbons...

  2. His remit doesn't run to the whole of the UK. Transport is a devolved matter with a minister in Edinburgh, Scotland.

  3. "Andy in Germany", I fervently hope you're right with your 'end of helmet' prophecy!!!

    ...and "wee folding bike", glad to hear that you have a completely different minister to the sassenach petrol head from down south!

  4. "sassenach" How do you come to know that word?

    Someday in the not too distant future we might have our own ministers for everything.

  5. I'm so worldly!!!! - and here's hoping you get them!!