Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cull your car & build a bike

(Photos: Greenpeace USA 2010, Flickr)

We cannot continue to live as though there is another "Goodship Earth" to step onto when this one is inevitably scuttled.

Our lifestyle 'modus operandi' can no longer be unquestionably tolerated nor placed beyond the realm of criticism or critical thought. Our 'oil dependency' behaviour has to change - TODAY - and for starters we need to rethink our transport habits.

It is pathetic that we continue to allow our lame public apathy to enable our state government to do nothing...and it is equally pathetic that we allow carbon-dated shock-jocks to clamour for 'class action against our modern-day "Joan of Arc" who bravely ventures 'where angels fears to tread' in a bid to tackle our appalling oil-infested urban congestion.

We are all co-defendents in the GulfSpill ecocide; we are all co-contributors to the misery of the little pelican above - we should be ashamed of our wilful disconnect with our world, illustrated by the ad below and so thoughtlessly published in Sydney Morning Herald, 18th May 2010 only one month after the ecological catastrophe:

* does it get more cynical?
* does it get more indulged?'s hard to believe that the following ad-copy can actually convince us to shop...

To be honest, a 204kW V6 is quite unnecessary for the kids Saturday soccer run. And Junior can definitely get to day-care without 367 Nm of torque. But this stuff isn't for them. It's for you. Because while the new CX-9 is a true seven-seater (with MP3 connectivity, three-zone climate control and airbags for every row of seats), it's only a family car when they're in it. The moment they're gone, the four-wheel independent suspension, Active Torques Spilt AWD and 6-speed Activematic transmission are at your complete disposal. Nestle back in the lumbar-adjustable seat. In most models it's leather. Some even include Bluetooth connectivity, satellite navigation and a powered tailgate. For more, visit or see your local Mazda Dealer NEW MAZDA CX-9 SEVEN-SEAT SENSATION

Our smug sense of entitlement is inexorably suffocating the planet and our toxic public apathy has given our leaders 'an avenue' to ignore voters - IT'S TIME, LADIES & GENTLEMEN, time for change & time to hop on our bikes!

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