Monday, August 1, 2016

Not only facebook peddles in echo-chambers

(Image: Glen Le Lievre, SMH, Wednesday 27 July 2016)

As consumers of media, we are constantly warned about the perils of getting our information throughs algorithms and the subsequent risks of being coralled into echo-chambers with diminishing moments of dissent and different views. It is certainly something to bear in mind.

But there are other 'algorithms' out there equally insidious ...

... ones which like certain social media platforms also remove dissent and the opportunity to think differently.

... ones which like certain social media platforms also create for their audience a cosy phug of consensus and affirmation.

... ones which like certain social media platforms also are a poor substitute for truth and reality.

The Northern Territory government and courts appear to have their own set of algorithms for levels of force and excessiveness and unreasonableness, ones which have lulled many who have a duty of care and ought to know better how to look after 'children-needing-our-support' into one of those dangerous and damming cosy phugs of consensus and affirmation.

Thankfully we still have the ABC and 4 Corners, and last week they cut through that manufactured judicial and legislative bubble when they broadcast their programme 'Australia's Shame' and showed the rest of us Australians images of cruel torture, images that have been around for quite some time and literally judged not out of the ordinary, for what they actually were and are ... evidence of sadistic and brutal treatment meted out to our children in our name.

Thank you, 4 Corners, you make a difference,

and ...

... Long Live The ABC (hands off, Prime Minister)

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