Friday, August 12, 2016

Bicycle Racks at Sydney Airport - that's enough right

Most beautiful bike in whole world
Big Oil plays tricks galore to keep bicycles off roads, and in Australia those tricks work because we are suckers for compliance and seemingly 'hard-to-verify' anecdotes.

Now in Australia, bicycle helmet promotion uniquely segues into mandatory helmet law and is Big Oil's best trick..

As a nation we love it, particularly the righteous who relish the unspoken permission notionally granted to them to parent ertswhile cyclists (actually if truth be told, cyclists period because whether you're wearing a helmet or not, if you're on a bicycle in Australia a Big Oil indulger will feel compelled to yell insults and instructions at you whilst you're sharing the road with them.)
Most beautiful bike in whole world on the end (your right)
The plight of Australian cycling today is the culmination of twenty five years of refusal to acknowledge that Australian data on mandatory helmet laws is missing-in-action.

But no politician will turn their mind to the fact that the case for the continuation of helmet compulsion is still not made out.

Yet we persist in this pointless exercise despite the substantial likelihood that mandatory helmet law amounts to no more than the proverbial Emperor's New Clothes.

Three decades worth of sham studies and male posturing have overseen the end of utility cycling ...'s  great pity and from where I am typing, I don't think it's likely that utility cycling will return to a street near you any time soon.

In the meantime though there is always the chance that I will be returning to a street near you sometime soon if your street has a courthouse in it.

And so it comes to pass that the street housing Waverley Local Court is up next.


  1. Had a bicycle since childhood, got me everywhere before and after I was old enough to drive.
    1990 sold off my tradies ute.
    1997 bought first panniers.
    2001 bought first bicycle trailer.
    The collection has grown since then.
    I feel your frustration at Neo-conservative male incompetence, but there are plenty of women folk treading the same path to Big Oil Nirvana.

    1. Yes, Gilbert, I accept that you are right ... sighs all round

  2. Great post but sad! I don't get that in this day and age to use a bicycle as transport puts us in some kind sub group of social deviance! So be it. I will continue to ride!