Sunday, August 21, 2016

I do ... want marriage equality

Our beautiful happy couple

Dear Mr Turnbull,

It is unconscionable in this day and age that some people who love each cannot get married because of sexual preferences and identities. Love does not discriminate and neither should we, and from what I have read about you over the years, I am led to believe that you are of a similar view so why are you prevaricating over this human rights issue?
I have four children, and next month (September 2016) our daughter Philippa intends to commit to the man of her dreams at our home in Scone (yes, you and I, we're almost neighbours) in front of loving family and friends. 
As I am sure you can appreciate, many of the loved ones in our family and friendship groups who would like to marry their special person cannot do so in the eyes of the law because of Australia’s limited and abusive Marriage Act. Accordingly our 'happy couple' have decided that until marriage equality is available to anybody who wishes to avail themselves of the opportunity to get married, they will boycott marriage in the pure legal sense.
So we will still be having a fabulous wedding party, and they will still be promising to stick it out as a ‘couple’ on the inevitable calm and stormy waters of life together, and they will be doing this in front of all their loved ones in our garden despite our fossilised law. They will not be blocking their ears like some have done, or turning their backs, or whispering the exclusive legal words in a bid to proffer support - because right now with the law as it stands they feel the most supportive thing they can do to move this human rights issue along is to boycott Australian marriage.
And when the day comes for Australian law to finally catch up with the national zeitgeist, our happy couple will legalise their union then. 
In the meantime, there is lots to prepare and lots to do - we have a #weddingboycott party to plan!
So come on, Prime Minister, let’s get with the times and sign marriage equality into law … now!
Yours sincerely,
Sue Abbott


  1. I didn't realise this. I hope the law is changed again quickly, people have had enough time to understand the human rights issues and John Howard's marginalising definition.

    What a strong stand to take. My card includes... "making the world a better place", so there you all are!

    1. Thank you, Incredulous, for your lovely comment!!!! We had a fabulous day in every singly way - all gone in a jiffy, but fabulous nonetheless!!!!