Monday, March 16, 2015


It defies belief that this ill-informed project could ever have been considered let alone so fervently upheld by the Liberal/National Party.

Not only is WestConnex wrong, but it has not been approved ... and as such it is ridiculously planless.

Everywhere else in the world cities are improving and upgrading their public transport, but oh no, not here in Australia, not here in New South Wales. Oh no, we're prepared to waste billions of taxpayers' dollars as we splash around oodles of tarmac and hard hats with no public gain in the long run whatsoever.

Oh no, we're open for business and as such we will remain loyal to Big Oil and Big Tarmac and all the vested interests which will end up giving our politicians jobs for their after-pollie lives.

It sucks, WestConnex sucks, and so does Duncan Gay.



(With lots of apologies to Roberta Flak & decent ukele players)

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