Monday, March 23, 2015

Frackman: 'no Australian should miss this'

Paid for, downloaded ... and temporarily put on hold until I find a better internet connection! But watch it I will within the next 72 hours!

Why don't you do the same too ... either get to a cinema nearby (if you have one, lucky ducks) or find it, like I did, online.







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  1. Definitely sending this around here - like the Alberta Tar Sands with a different accent and warmer weather. I'm sure it will attract interest, including for group screenings.

    And we had an asbestos disaster here too (mostly in Québec) as you might recall with the story of Wittenoom, recounted in Midnight Oil's hit "Blue Sky Mine". Even when asbestos use was banned here, companies wanted to export it (and cancer) to countries such as India with less stringent health and safety legislation and oversight.

    Still relevant, I fear...

    And some have sailed from a distant shore
    And the company takes what the company wants
    And nothing's as precious, as a hole in the ground

    Who's gonna save me?
    I pray that sense and reason brings us in
    Who's gonna save me?
    We've got nothing to fear

    In the end the rain comes down
    Washes clean, the streets of a blue sky town

  2. Ils sont devenus fous! (They've gone mad):

    Anticosti is a natural preserve island in the mouth of the St. Lawrence. In short, the petroheads are jonesing for petroleum even where none has been found!