Monday, March 16, 2015

An Apple a day ... I don't think so

(Apple store, Bondi Junction, NSW, Australia)

Apple do not like giving refunds - who knew?

I didn't ... but I was determined to get mine.

Notwithstanding being a complete ignoramus with all things Apple, I took on board all the Mac recommendations I'd been given from lecturers, fellow students and family members during my final year of a master in media studies, and as a result of all that happy Apple-trilling, I ended up buying myself a Mac-Book Pro for editing and filming purposes.

I couldn't wait to explore all the 'Apple-luv' I'd been hearing about.

Unsurprisingly when I entered the store to start my Apple shopping I was plied with happy friendly bubbly blue t-shirted apple luvvies and I bought everything - bells, whistles, kitchen sinks, and in amongst it all it turns out I bought a 'one-to'one' service where all I had to do was just go onto the website and book an appointment ...


Do you think I could ever book an appointment? ... and just turning up to Apple stores unannounced was never going to work either.

So nine months down the Apple buying track and no further on in my Apple education apart from turning the computer on, I decided enough was enough and I wanted my money back for the 'one-to-one' thingameejiggy.

Once again when I walked into the Bondi Junction store it was all happy blue t-shirty smiles and lots of how-de-doo-dees, but the shutters came down pretty quickly when I briefly explained my mission.

I was informed that it wasn't possible because this particular scenario had never happened before ... you know when someone just rocks up requesting their money back on a particular element of the bundled package. I explained I wouldn't be leaving the store until I had a refund and that I would like to speak to someone who might be more familiar with the refund process.

Another blue t-shirty luvvy was found and she informed me it was highly unlikely that I would be given my money back, and then somewhat randomly she asked me if I had used the computer. Yes, I replied, I've managed to turn it on. Well then, she said, you've used it and you can't get your money back.

Oh the obstinacy!

As I pointed out to her I wasn't trying to get my money back on the computer only on the 'one-to-one' product so whether I had used the laptop or not was irrelevant.

She then mentioned that I would have known about the appointment arrangement process when I made the purchase, but as I pointed out to her the Apple-spiel at time-of-purchase only stated (merrily admittedly) that:

'All you have to do is go on-line and make an appointment whenever you want, at an Apple Store most convenient for you!'

At no point was the subject ever broached that it was nigh on impossible to get an appointment because Apple stores hardly ever have scheduled appointment spaces available at any given store.

'Somewhat misleading and deceptive,' I said to her, 'and certainly an unusual business approach leaving me in no position to make an informed choice!'

Her next line of stalling was that the 'one-to-one' wasn't a product, it was a service and as such Apple never gives refunds on services. I pointed out to her that I was in the service industry and knew very well that as a service provider you have to keep the channels open with your clients so that they can chat to you about their experiences of your services.

Finally she conceded it might be possible to be granted a refund but only if I had my receipt to which I replied I did not.

By now a colleague had joined her and he took up the Apple campaigning line of defence (attack) and said that without a receipt there was no way they could prove that I had bought my computer from them. To which I rejoined what a load of nonsense; I'd bought an Apple product for heaven's sake meaning that I was not only in their system but no doubt the NSA's, GCHQ's and ASIO's too, not that latter would be able to do much with the information.

So, I continued, possessing a receipt was totally unnecessary.

They just stared at me ... and then gave me my money back ... all $129.

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  1. Yes. Much as I love my little Macbook, I hate the way such corporations treat consumers, while giving themselves a "cool" image. I don't even have a smartphone - I'll get one if I need it for work, but I prefer working on my computer with a proper keyboard (at my home office, I use a separate one so as to not spill coffee on the Mac's own, or simply wear it out).