Sunday, May 18, 2014

Memo to Tony: we want our future back #marchinmay

We (that is me & 2 uni-journo buddies) headed to Belmore Park today with 2 cameras, 2 tripods, 2 sets of lighting gear, 2 pieces of white paper, 2 reflective sheets, 2 SD cards, a ton of batteries plus all the cases and packaging they all come in to cover March Australia's March in May protest rally.

As the Federal Government moves into it's ninth month of running the nation, a pall of 'murk' has descended on our land, and we wanted to check up on the growing groundswell of LNP opposition which has seen voters eschewing ‘clicktivism’ for actually turning up in person (in droves) to tell the world what they think about the Abbott government ...

... and we also wanted to check up on the extent the alternative and social media have been picking up on the 'March Australia' story after snaffling that particular news-item agenda from mainstream media (MSM) whilst the latter napped in their elegant arrogant way!

We interviewed Van Badham (author, playwright and social commentator), Sally McManus (secretary of the services union), David Ritter (CEO Greenpeace Australia) and one of the wonderful 'March Australia' organisers in addition to lots of happy and willing protestors .. and we heard some amazing stories from these amazing people.

So while we're editing and script-writing our media piece, hope you enjoy the happy snaps above from a very beautiful peaceful protest !!!!


  1. That's nice to see - reminds me of our huge Earth Day march two years ago here - also against austerity and ecocidal policies. Abbott and Harper seem to be in some kind of race to be the king of ecocide and contempt for living beings, of the human or other species.

    I also liked seeing a couple of cyclists without frigging helmets...

    1. Yes, Lagatta, with Abbott at the helm, we're all about 'austerity' and 'ecocial' policies Down Under that's for sure - and sadly I think you're right about Abbott and Harper being in 'some kind of race to be the king of ecocide and contempt for living beings' ... sigh