Friday, May 9, 2014

19 sleeps to Adelaide Velo-City14

(Image: Cycling Campaign, YouTube)

If only Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide (et al) had bike stories like Dublin's - we don't but watch Georgia's anyway, and then drag yourself back to Australia's reality!

And just for once there's some really fun stuff to tell you from the land Down Under - yes truly!!!!

Velo-city Global 2014, the world’s premier international cycling planning conference conducted over four days is coming to Adelaide in just under 3 weeks.

At this meeting lucky delegates from around the world will have a chance to share best practices for creating and sustaining cycling-friendly cities where bicycles are valued as part of daily transport and recreation ...bahahahahahah ... and it's being held in Australia!

But no to be serious, you can see why Adelaide was granted the honour of hosting this amazing bicycle event.

Serene, quirky, a city of spires and markets, Adealaide is beautiful and a lovely destination to showcase Australia, and right at the moment no doubt it is putting the final touches to its best party frock as it gets itself ready to host the world's many cycling communities.

Notwithstanding all that, I'm sorry but there is no escaping the ...

... ... ... (GREAT BIG ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM) ... ... ...

... no matter how much everyone would like to pretend that there is.

We know that Australia's mandatory bicycle helmet laws have ruined cycling Down Under, and we are testament to that statement; we live and cycle it everyday.

Our cycling modal share rate is dire, our cycling safety rate is dire, our cycling infrastructure is dire, and our politicians are dire too - they just don't get it (do you, Duncan? Hmmmn).

So as a guilty criminal, and a frustrated Australian cyclist to boot, I'm fascinated by current word on the street that's telling us police have been instructed not to fine the velo-city visitors when they ride their conference bikes round the city of Adelaide!!!!

Hehehe ... clearly the organising-powers-that-be don't want the European Cyclists' Federation (ECF) people to be subject to the full Australian cycling experience ... aka fines and criminal convictions!!!

Anyhoo the program for the 4 days looks as fabulous as ever, but it's an extra-curricular activity that's scheduled for the Thursday afternoon that has caught my eye ... and I will be on that ride with bells on!!!!!!

... and definitely NO HELMET!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Well said Sue! I'd join that ride if I could. I hope some of the discussion that takes place during the conference focuses on the real impact of the helmet laws in the host nation. Keep us posted.

  2. Hi Sue, you are most welcome to the vanguard of the liberation movement to emancipate Australians from the tyrany of nanny-state mandatory bike helmet law that is slowly but surely killing everyday cycling in Australia. Velo-City Global 2014 Adelaide needs you to show the world how everyday cycling is done.

  3. Hi Sue - I think this really needs to be made seriously public! If the police are going to relax fines for not wearing cycling hats for the duration of the event it just proves the nanny state is only interested in window dressing.

    I believe questions must be asked of the SA Govt and the SA Police as to why this is occurring only for the event.

    It should be the thin end of the wedge for us in exposing the hypocracy of the Mandatory Hat Laws....

  4. Clearly your law-makers and politicians aren't convinced enough that the helmet laws are necessary to enforce them on cycling experts from other countries. It's all rather embarrassing for them, poor things. I hope the issue gets plenty of publicity.