Thursday, May 8, 2014

Stop Barangaroo Stop Lend Lease Stop Crown

Given everything that has been revealed over the last few weeks surely it would be in the public interest that all Barangaroo proceedings are halted and that all processes which led to Crown being granted carte blanche in combination with Lend Lease are reviewed.

The City of Sydney has 'accused the government of having a conflict of interest because it was both the land owner and the assessment authority for Barangaroo' and the City goes on to say in their 'blunt and strongly worded' paper that this 'brings with it significant risks, perceptions of bias and a lack of independent scrutiny of the development assessment.'

I couldn't agree more and I believe that we're entitled to ask our democratically elected representatives 'what the hell is going on?'

I blogged about the web of Barangaroo connections in March 2011 (and now notice that the 'Lend Lease' link with 'Better Place Australia' has been tidied into oblivion).

Reading the countless articles that have filled Australian newspapers and websites for many years on Barangaroo, it would appear that many fingers have been in the Barangaroo pie (although admittedly most of those fingers seem to be on the same hand) ...

Building on Barangaroo debacle

ICAC hearing: former NSW minister Tony Kelly says he did not turn a blind eye to AWH cabinet minute

Australians for Sustainable Development Inc v Minister for Planning, Lend Lease (Millers Point) Pty Ltd and Barangaroo Delivery Authority

Office politics: the $280k deputy who earns more than his boss

Electric car infrastructure coming to Australia - Better Place

The rise and fall of Better Place

Another Keneally sets sights on politics

Better place hits a dead end as CEO Evan Thornley abandons electric dream

A broken place: the spectacular failure of the start-up that was going to change the world

Lend Lease profit falls as Europe, US sales drop

Better Place Australia raises $25 million in first round funding

Keneally plugs into parking pay day

Barangaroo corruption allegations to be investigated

Revealed: national network of dirty deals

Lend Lease has big questions to answer

Barry O'Farrell is backing James Packers' Barangaroo Casino

James Packers' Barangaroo casino gets final approval from NSW government a nutshell Barangaroo is toast.

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