Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Paris toujours

Les Champs-Elysées en face de moi

Le Champs-Elysées derrière moi

Un Parisien

Une Parisienne

Joue contre joue


  1. It is also worth noting that in 2011 there were zero cycle deaths in Paris, none, not one single cyclist died. Could it be that lack of cycle helmets save lives? ;-)

    1. Wow! that's amazing - it's a brilliant place to cycle as you really do feel part of the whole road-sharing equation!!

    2. Paris is brilliant all round Sue. I'm green with envy!
      Anonymous, do you have a reference or source for the "zero cyclists deaths" claim? I'm not disputing it, but I would like a source before I use it to knock the helmeteers in public.

  2. The story about zero cycle deaths in Paris has been reported on a number of blogs, comparing the experience of London and Paris in 2011. London 16 dead cyclist, Paris 0 dead cyclist.

    The source of the appears to be a news story in Le Monde, in particular the bit that says:

    "The bike accident is not our concern most and in 2011, there were no deaths" added Françoise Hardy, responsible for road safety in the prefecture of Paris.

    Given that helmet wearing rates are very low in Paris and the high rate of helmet wearing in London, helmets can not be given as the reason for the lack of deaths in Paris. The French put it down to their superior infrastructure: "it is undeniable that cyclists are more secure when using a bike path".