Saturday, February 25, 2012

'Brinks' of global importance

(Photos: Carlos Latuff, 'Netanyahu+Obama+America Israel Public Affairs Committee')

Whilst we play 'julesie-kevie-i-dunno', beyond our cosy borders the stakes are much higher.


  1. I am surprised that Julia has not yet promised Australian troops to support the Zion-Yankee-Pommy Axis of Power in the impending invasion of Iran.

  2. Julia doesn't need to state our position.
    I'm sure that somewhere in the White House is a wall (large whiteboard perhaps) with countries of the world listed in columns.
    The Heading, "Countries supporting (insert US action here)"
    Column 1, "Countries that will never support us"
    column 2, "Countries that might be 'persuaded' to support us"
    Column 3, "Countries that will support us this time"
    The 2nd last column includes countries like California and Texas.
    The final column is for countries even more onside than Texas. At the top is Austria. That is actually us but they never are sure which one is which and don't really care.

    ps. I have taken to referring to Julia as 'Groucho'.
    Groucho Marx is reported to have said "Those are my principles, and if you don't like it...well, I have others."

  3. Great geo-political analysis, Steve!!