Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sydney University - hardly leadership material in cycling department

(Cycling towards Sydney University from Glebe)

(Walking towards Sydney University through Victoria Park)

(Whoa! - the heavy hand of USYD bike-patrol)

(...looks like a good deal though!!)

(Sum total of bike parks outside the Fisher Library - TRULY RULY!!)

(Sum total of bike parks outside School of Chemistry - woeful!)

Founded in 1850, the University of Sydney is the oldest university in Australia...

...& for their 31,634 full-time undergraduate & 16,141 graduate students, the University of Sydney provides 7 bike hoops outside the School of Chemistry and 8 outside the Fisher Library! There are a few more dotted around the campus but none of any note.

Sigh!...methinks this sorry state of affairs could be worthy of a few chuckles in East Anglian ovaltines...

(Photos: Flickr, Gkriniaris, Bicycles at Cambridge)


  1. Sydney University looks so very much more tidy and superior in contrast to the chaos and disarray evident at Cambridge -- disgraceful!

  2. Ha! ha! - like a hospital with no patients would!!

  3. Or a university on holiday.