Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Got your little helmet on now? - have you?"


...we've got the artists helping us out now!!

(1:55 min for the time challenged - thanks, Andrew!!!!)


  1. Tip: suffix a "#t=01m55s" to end of YouTube URL to get it to start at that spot!

  2. That's a good tip to know, Andrew.

    It's funny - he has a point.

    Australians claim to be tough and rugged, yet we are allowing ourselves to be micromanaged by laws which protect nobody but the individual from themselves... and citizens feel the need to help enforce them!

    The only Australians that fit the mould of being tough and 'just getting on with it' is our hard-working rural community - while we city-folk ignore them to our peril while we moan about the cost of milk...

    I suppose governments like to have their adult population drooling like children while mesmerised by "Two and a Half Men" between fast food commercials... rather than thinking and questioning.

  3. Many thanks for that, Andrew! - couldn't quite work out how to alter embedded html so plumbed for the link directly into the blog post text - is that what you meant or should I be able to alter the direct link in the embedded bit??? (please forgive my gaping IT ignorance!!!)

    ...& as always, Paul, you're always on the money - bon voyage for the next few weeks!!

  4. I kind of got the impression that some of the people in the audience were laughing nervously when he dropped that line. A lot of people ride bikes to these Comedy Festival gigs and I can only imagine they felt a tinge embarrassed when he gave them a serve.

    It also highlights how hard it is to recognise you're living in a nanny state unless you spend a bit of time outside of the country. Spare a thought for us when you're pedalling happily around the lowlands Paul.