Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Helmet laws cause discrimination & low expectations

(Photos: my bike's perspective from traffic lights, King Street, Newtown)

Regulation 256 is an example of manifold discrimination towards road users other than motorists, and as such displays an unacceptable level of preferential treatment for one group over another.

Coupled with their own ignorance & the support of other protectionist bodies (aka Bicycle NSW & UNSW), the NSW government has embraced a blatant top-down approach in order to paralyse the freedom of choice debate.

Should this status quo continue, government inertia and deferred action will be the continued 'Plat du jour' ad infinitum - sigh!

So join me on the "Punk Commute" to remind our democratically elected representatives exactly what we're looking for in the 'much-awaited-brand-new-transport-landscape'...

...and it isn't more congestion!


  1. I see that Professor Chris Rissel is involved with the "Safer Cycling Study" that you have linked to, which is a good thing. The problem with the study of course is that it interviews only people who currently use a bike. They really should concentrate on the other 98% of the population who do not and ask them why.

  2. Couldn't agree with you more!!!

    ...coming to the 'Punk Commute'? (!!)

  3. I'd love to but it's a bit of a ride from Adelaide. Enjoy yourselves.

  4. You'll be missed! - maybe we'll re-locate the next 'Punk Commute' to the Festival State!!