Thursday, January 20, 2011

Will it be 'Mandatory Padding Laws' next?

Only helmets I saw in NYC today were at Maddison Square Gardens on...

...her team's heads (Toronto Maple Leafs)...

...& his team's heads (New York Rangers)!

...I saw a lot of team 'padding' too!

(Photos: Flickr, Keenan Brown)

Jeez! - fingers crossed we can keep 'Mandatory Bicycle Padding Laws' at bay!!!


  1. She would be required to wear a helmet on her way to and from the game. If she were under one year old she would not be allowed to be carried by bicycle at all.

    Dem bakfiets is killers. Just look at the poor dear quivering with fear:

  2. Thanks for the lovely link, kfg, beautiful photo - lucky little baby!!!

    Why do nations differ so much on this topic?

    Why are some nations so easily hood-winked by the commercial reality of helmets?