Friday, January 21, 2011

Toboggans, horses & helmets - your call!!

(Photos: NYC with 'freedom-to-helmet-or-not' choice in action)

Did you know that in Australia no helmets are required for the horse riding or tobogganing (yet!) - it's still your call even though they can be wild & woolly experiences, albeit funtimes mostly!!!!

What's the go with helmets & bicyclists, Minister Borger?

Why discriminate against us?


  1. Do you think that if we stopped talking about bicycles & started referring to them as 'iron horses' we could get away without wearing helmets? : )

  2. Happy Australia Day! I have noticed the national holiday in Australia. I envy you^^.

    Anyway, I am sorry to hear again that people in Australia seem to be forced to put on their helmets...

    I also think horse riding or sliding by snow board would be dangerous than riding bicycles.

    Hang in there.

  3. Hey Shichi! thanks for all your support...and we certainly will ('hang in there', that is!)

  4. There are people calling for mandatory helmet use for tobogganing here in Ontario, Canada.

    There are even people demanding everyone wear a helmet while using public skate rinks or even while skating on ponds/lakes. I always though we in Canada were born with skates on!

    Fortunately I live in a part of Canada where there isn't a helmet law for cyclists (for adults at least). I do expect if we get a new premier this coming October, it will be a matter of time before one is put in place.

  5. Hey Ryan!

    Thanks for dropping by!!!

    - it's somewhat sad that we have become so incapable of running our own lives and that we so willingly allow our governments to distract us from the really important issues that face us all - like catastrophic climate change just for starters