Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NYC & 'freedom-cycling' - c'mon, Sydney, get a wriggle on!

(Photos: 'I ♥ New York City')

It is unacceptably 'cute' of our Australian governments to pretend they care about cycling safety in their bid to continue the 'driving-is-safer-pretence' whilst simultaneously providing motorists 'carte blanche' on our roads .

We all know it's 'risky' driving a car yet we also all know that it's a risk we're all prepared to take. Moreover, and somewhat amazingly really, we factor this in whenever we turn on the ignition, albeit subconsciously.

Car-manufacturers translate this 'risk' into a bottom-line cost and governments allow this commercial reality.

Of course life is about calculated risks & judgment-calls meaning that in this instance every time we strap our babies & ourselves into car-seats we weigh up the pros & cons & then make rational decisions for ourselves & our families - we all know & do this, governments & ministers included:

Therefore, Minister Borger:

* quit being cute

* quit the undiluted discrimination towards cyclists

* quit the 'safety-wash' of helmet laws

* give me back my freedom of expression to dress how I want

* give me the equivalent privileges that motorists & pedestrians get


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