Thursday, December 9, 2010

Secret public lives for all

Politics & public life appear to be:

* smoke & mirrors for private interests

* hi-jacked globally by Big Corpa (check 18 millionaires in British 'austerity' cabinet)

* super-eager to attribute 'persona non gratia' status to very 'public' Big Wiki as he broadcasts very 'public' information to public in very 'public' 'sort of way'

...respect!, Julian Assange!, you are a giant!


  1. Respect indeed.

    All this has done has shown politicians to be the two-faced marionettes we've suspected they were. They only want Assange's head because he's embarrassed them with - shock horror - the truth!

    More transparency is exactly what we need if we expect anyone to trust anyone else. It will only make the world a better place.

    Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia

  2. Sorry for the typo resulting in a badly worded first sentence!


  3. Paul, your intentions are clear!!! - unlike those of our vacillating politicians

  4. It is worrying that we have a Chancellor of the Exchequer who prefers to exploit tax loopholes rather than closing them. The British Exchequer looses £25bn a year in tax avoidance due to these loopholes and it is the ordinary British people who suffer as a result.

  5. Here is an article worth a read..

    Sums it all up perfectly!