Friday, December 3, 2010

Lady is a Tramp!

"You're a fucking tramp!"

- aaahhh! latest term of 'motoring' endearment received yesterday at red lights!!!

...and I couldn't help humming...

...she loves the free, fresh wind in her hair... without care...

...that's why the lady is a tramp!!!

Yup that's me! - thank you, mister, tell me more anytime - love it!!!!!


(& of course needless to mention, oodles of thanks go to 'Ella' too!!!)


  1. I've never been called a tramp but similarly unpleasent things by some of the other people we 'share the road' with. My response is always "And you're extremely fat / ugly / obnoxious / stinky (delete as appropriate) but I'M too much of a gentleman to say it loud!"
    (then I pedal off as fast as I can)

    Chin up Sue, if you are a tramp, you're the tramp for me!

    Best wished from a snow-bound London,


  2. There is some snow in Scotland so I've been using my Longstaff two wheel drive trike this week.

    I've had positive reactions to it all week, people have peeped and waved or given a "thumbs up".

    I think I'm the only cyclist in this town so if I'm still out there cycling in this weather it's a wee bit of a "Keep Calm and Carry On" message to other people.

  3. Well done Sue.. I just don't know how you do it. I presume it was a bloke? I think people like that prefer to pick on Women. :(

    That's our society for you... :(

  4. More "tramps" on the road please!

    I got the "get off the road, faggot!" treatment yesterday but I couldn't think of song to hum to. Damn!

  5. Greetings from Amsterdam ;-)

  6. You guys!! - you make me feel great!!!

    ...& Norma, your photo is amazing - so much snow!!!!

  7. Scotland was shut yesterday because of snow.

    I was fine apart from all the cars and trucks blocking the road.

  8. Aaaahh! wee folding bike, I love snow - lucky you!! - how lovely to be able to shut a country!! - I'm jealous!

  9. I'm still required to report to school. A school which has no pupils. Once I've got there I can go home because there are no kids.

    Today I tricycled into Glasgow for a course which was cancelled shortly after I got there.

    I'm using this:

    but it's a bit more snow covered just now. Luckily the temps will be well below 0C this evening so the snow will not melt off it in the garage.

    Did you notice the Wiki Leaks confirmed what the Scottish Gov had said about the man convicted of the Lockerbie bomb?

  10. Watching a show about Edwardian farming.

    A couple of weeks ago another BBC history show about shops of different decades had a kid wearing a helmet while riding an Edwardian bike. They were showing high streets from different periods. Everything else was of the period.

    Today they are showing Edwardian miners wearing felt hats.

    For the BBC mining is safer than riding a bike.