Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh tannenbaum! O tannenbaum!

(Photos: the perfect 'green' christmas tree)

Funtimes getting our tree from Glebe yesterday, though you wouldn't believe how heavy this little pint-sized thing was!!!! - why, I ask myself, did I choose the one that had just been watered?

But all that aside, my pretty little cargo made people smile as I cycled from Glebe to Newtown - so much friendliness and goodwill - maybe I should cart an xmas tree around all the time?!

Aaahhh! Christmas Tree Karma! - truly the perfect touch to any cycle trip! of course we need to decorate it - and I've got this little tiny hunch, it isn't going to take very long!!!!


  1. Little Tree's do grow into huge Tree's dont ya know in the fullness of time you will have a Giant of Forty Feet or Six metres. So you will be able to put loads of Lights on it then,but better get it out of the House when it is hitting the Ceiling.

    We are Shivering here in Europe now with the Ice and Snow,wish I was in Aus with the nice Hot Sun and have a Barbecue on the Beach lovely stuff.

    Happy Christmas to all the People Down under,have a Happy Cycling Christmas and dont forget ne pas porte le Casque Plastique

  2. Excellent Sue!

    I almost made the same mistake when transporting a large pot plant by bike. I was just about to water it when I thought to myself that it might not be such a good idea!

    Have a great Christmas & New Year and to everyone else in the bicycle world!


    Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia

  3. That should be a large 'potplant' not a large pot plant ;)


  4. Mercie, l'homme au velo, et d'accord, je vais n'oublier jamais! We've been reading all about your weather - sounds wild...has made me jittery though because one of our children is scheduled to arrive in Sydney on Christmas Day from Cairo via Paris - fingers x'd Charles de Galle is open and there's flight heading our way!!! Merry X to you too! x

    Ha! Ha! Paul! & Merry X to you too! x

  5. We had a bad Bout of Snowy Weather two weeks ago and it took a Week to thaw out very slowly. Then a Week of Mild Weather but Icy then the Snow gradually creeping back from the European Continent to Ireland.

    We were lucky with no Snow in Dublin but everywhere else and I was able to go on Critical mass on the 19th but I was caught on the 20th in a Snow Shower on the way Home from the Supermarket at 600pm. I slipped and fell on the Icy Road but continued on my Bike until I gave up and walked to the main Road before Cycling again.

    Then when I reached my Housing Estate I had to walk as it was very bad no Gritting. You can see the Conditions on my Blog vie au velo.