Monday, January 18, 2010

"Farewell to old england!"

We're leaving for Copenhagen early tomorrow, the city of bicycles, and we're so excited!!!! But we're sad to leave the "Fam" and have loved our snowy cycling time in the UK! - we'll be back for more!!


  1. Why the heck are you travelling halfway across the globe to visit Copenhagen, while half an hour's flight from London will find you in the Netherlands, where *every* city or village will have a larger percentage of cyclists than Copenhagen?

    Cycling is so commonplace in the Netherlands, nobody thinks it's special. Copenhagen has to struggle, thinks its special and advertises itself as special, that's why!

    You go to Copenhagen, luv, and then you'll come visit The Netherlands, any city you like, be it Amsterdam, Groningen or 's Hertogenbosch, and see what a *real* 'city of cyclists' looks like! :-)


  2. Hej! Marion!
    Promise we'll come to the Netherlands next time - mais en ce moment, we're catching up with friends here before we head to Geneve, France et Suisse - but now you've really got me thinking a trip is in order - en realite, a return to my first home!!! (spent the first two years of my life in Voerendaal, and apparently covered quite a bit of the Dutch countryside on my father's bicycle!)
    Many thanks for your 'welcoming' advice, and adieu until then!