Friday, January 29, 2010

The Appeal - '17 more-sleeps'

(Photos: Maureen Murphy)
The butterflies have returned, and with them the nerves!

In just over two weeks I will be back in Australia, and will be required to attend the District Court. On the first day of the court sitting I will mention my matter, and then will either be expected to launch into my defence straight away or alternatively will be 'invited' to return to the District Court at a later dated during the circuit.

I must admit, I do feel somewhat alarmed!


  1. Best wishes for the appeal, Sue. I fully support your actions.


    Dr P Martin

  2. Best of luck Sue. 'You can do it Duffy Moon!'

  3. I think uyou are taking the wrong tact ,,, all you do is get conviction after conviction ..we need to amass evidence and then ,,, undermine the arguments ,,, but they control info to the media

    Michael Boswell

  4. michael, we have already amassed evidence to no avail - at least what i am doing is attracting some media attention with abc radio interviews etc, in fact there is even some talk of further progamming re the whole helmet issue

  5. Hi Sue, good luck with your endeavours to conquer the "big ones". If I had stayed strong and stood up for my beliefs over the past three and a half years I would have been stronger and a better person today but I let the "big ones" walk all over me. We all need to make a stand for what we believe in. Why do we need to pay for freedom of speech and for the freedom to do what we want that is right for us and our loved ones. Good luck at District Court. Regards Debbie Rolfe