Monday, January 11, 2010

"Beautiful Dreamers, awake unto...cycling in Cambridge"

After the most beautiful day cycling in Cambridge last Friday, we could only dream of transporting such a reality to Sydney and the rest of Australia! We loved our day in the cycling capital of the UK and felt positively amazing!

Admittedly, we also felt really jealous too! One in four residents cycle to work, which was clearly evident and Cambridge actually has two free cycle parks - yes real cycle parks to leave your bicycle just like real car parks to leave your motor cars...and not only that...if you cycle into the city centre with a child on the back of your bicycle or in a trailer you can swap your bike for a pushchair when you want to walk around! - WE LOVE CAMBRIDGE!


  1. Se, whilst you are out enjoying your hols (and sorry we missed you yesterday), did you see this article? Finally a break through in the Australian media, check it out:

    Nice to see a well-rounded argument for once - I think you should get in touch with this journalist as she sounds very sympathetic.

    All the best,

  2. thanks, mark - great article and i think i will drop ms farrelly a line - i always love her articles in the smh and am not surprised by her views on helmets and cycling - what a break through that the australian press is finally printing the other side of the helmet argument - to date they have been committed to the helmet proponents' view - it's all so very refreshing!!