Thursday, December 3, 2009

Helmets and taxes

The police ought not be distracted from the real public safety issues, yet they are expected to enforce the helmet laws. This ridiculous situation is such a drain on our limited resources, and intensely problematic. Further, it is also extremely difficult to do given the increase in the number of cyclists in Sydney, many of whom are blatantly exhibiting their preference for a non-helmeted ride.

From my observations, the police appear to have suspended enforcement in response to the inherent difficulties of implementation and enforcement...and you'd have to agree that a law that isn't enforced provides zero benefit and is utterly pointless!

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  1. I wish the police would suspend enforcement in SA. I was reading David Thorne's brilliant website the other day. He published a string of emails between him and his son's teacher. His son had infringed the school's flash drive rules. In short, he had copied a game on to a school PC and as a consequence was banned for the rest of the term. At one point, David said:

    "Without a concise set of rules to follow we would probably all have to resort to common sense".

    I think that applies to helmet laws too.

    Read the whole thing at: