Tuesday, January 4, 2011

STOP PRESS: "A 'no-helmet' saved my life" anecdote

OMG!!! You have to read this!!!!

Baby no. 2 was cycling in Newtown on New Year's eve, and her cardigan slipped out of her front basket and jammed itself in her front wheel. Strangely the back wheel kept going (something to do with science & mechanics, no doubt), and as a result baby no. 2 (wait for it!) was catapulted over the handle bars and onto the ground in a jiffy - there was no time for any contigency plans!!

Poor darling landed on her hands as she stuck them out, and amazingly they were ok - notwithstanding she did end up with 'little-boy' knees though...

...but OMG!...I keep doing the "what-ifs"...

...imagine if she'd been wearing a helmet????????????

Wow! what a 'eureka' moment - in fact, this is the counterpoint to:

- the 'helmet saved my life' andecdote...

...in fact, this is:

- the 'no-helmet saved my life' anecdote!!!

Therefore, if helmet promoters can get away with this standard of proof then so ought I!!!

Yes, dear world, from here on in, my family too is going to utilise 'The Absolute Emperor's New Clothes Standard of Proof' argument:

- a 'no-helmet saved our baby no.2's life'!!!!


  1. hahaha, brilliant, Sue! Glad no.2 is a-ok! :)

    A belated Happy New Year to you all!

  2. Thanks, Marc, and to you & Lauren as well! x

    - as you know, 'baby no. 2' has somewhat of a 'penchant' for testing the standard 'upright' manner of cycling!!!!

  3. I suggest you initiate a mandatory 'no cardigans in front basket' law. BN2 now has the perfect anecdote to post in online Cardigan Law debates.

  4. Agree with the mandatory cardigan law. There should also be mandatory helmets for ballerinas:


  5. I also agree with mandatory cardigan laws (already informed BN2)!!! - and am also convinced by your request ,anon, for mandatory ballerina helmtets!!! Jeez! what a prang!!!!