Sunday, January 9, 2011

Evangelical incoherence always attached to helmet beliefs

There is a certain 'evangelical incoherence' attached to helmet beliefs, and it will remain an 'eternal mystery' to me that we Australians, have allowed ourselves to be so blinded by the aura of respectability that all too often surrounds medical opinion.

* Why is this so?

...'Trust me, I'm a doctor'!!!

...hmmmmn...inexplicably we resolutely refuse to contemplate the evident flaws in current medical opinion on bicyle helmets.



  1. Dear SSH.
    Disturbing sight in Brighton Beach yesterday. Cyclists wearing helmets with full fluoro/ reflective covers and legionaires flap. They looked a little like martians/ bee keepers. I will post some photos on my blog later in the week but feel it would be cruel to poke fun at them!



  2. Happy New Year, Ian! - the mind boggles at your description of Brighton Beach cyclists - eagerly await your post!!!!