Saturday, January 15, 2011

Crippled by a culture of 'bicycle' fear

We should never blindly place our trust in authoritarian professionals and institutions.

We should always recognise 'capitalist patriachy' for what it is, and speak out against it.

We must say "NO" to the...

* damaging
* blatant
* oppressive
* mysoginistic

...forces at play

Let's resist;

$$ - being blinded by the notion of state protection, and
$$ - being crippled by the current culture of bicycle fear


  1. I was browsing Marc's (from Amsterdamize) tweets and came across a tweet with this picture (not one of Marc's) of fearless cyclists I know you'll like :-)

  2. Norma! LOVE IT!!! - why can't Australia have this sort of cycling?

    Thanks for sending the link x

  3. Beautiful photo Norma... if only we could travel by bicycle like that, sans helmet and without 'safety nannies' telling us how to protect ourselves from ourselves.

    New anti-MHL site has been born:

    Get letter writing folks!