Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bicycle helmet laws - Australia's false solution

(Photos: unfettered Dutch cycling - sigh!)

Without a doubt helmet laws have been & are & always will be a 'false solution' to bicycling safety.

Notwithstanding they make ED doctors and politicians feel better in a 'smug-parental-sort-of-way' as they unwittingly tumble into the arms of 'Big Oil' and 'Big Helma' ('Big Oil's' little sis').

Yet (& I don't need to tell you this) helmet laws have made no difference to cycling safety whatsoever & in fact (as many would argue) have made cycling safety a whole lot worse in a 'red-herring-sort-of-way'!

Could Gustave Le Bon have been more on the money back in 1898?

'The masses never thirsted after the truth.
They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them;
- whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master;
- whoever attempts to destroy their illusion is always their victim.'



  2. kfg! thanks, it's soooooo true! - tragic really... your links

  3. Clearly we speak as we find..

    My wife came off her bicycle spending 2 weeks in intensive care and a further 6 weeks in hospital including rehab.

    In winter conditions I've gone under a car but only suffered minor concussion.

    In both situations wearing a cycling helmet prevented (a) death and (b) more serious injury.

    There are risks in most things we do. Wearing a helmet just decreases the risk.

    Bonne route

  4. Hello

    I am sorry to hear that such a law was passed...

    I am a reader of and ride my mama bicycle in Japan.

    In Japan, we will never wear helmets for daily transportation.

    Maybe, almost adults who use their bicycles every day in Japan can't understand why such a law would be needed.

    Hang in there...

  5. Welcome, Shuichi! & thanks for your post!!!

    I'm not surprised that 'adults who use their bicycles every day in Japan can't understand' our infantile Australian law - our bicycle helmet legislation is completely unnecessary - fingers crossed we'll get rid of it poste haste!!

    Visit us again soon!! xx

  6. bet Molly Meldrum wished he had a bike helmet on for his fall. You are all just morons to think that riding a bike without one is safer...